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Craving something sweet? Of course you are! At Sizzler House, we love dessert and our family-friendly menu is layered with lots of decadent, delicious puddings to round off your Sizzler dinner. Guilty as charged, our chefs have created a mouthwatering menu of creamy and chocolaty treats for kids and adults alike. Have we got your attention yet?

If you love chocolate as much we do, you have to try our Chocolate Lava pudding! Oozing with warm, melted chocolate poured over a soft sponge cake and topped with ice cream, this popular dessert is a volcanic eruption that will delight the senses. Equally as moreish is Sizzler’s Chocolate Tower with its contrasting layers of hot chocolate and vanilla ice cream sprinkled with cashew nuts, chocolate and caramel sauce. Oh, and some whipped cream to complete the creation! Then there’s Sizzler’s bountiful Brownie, served on a sizzling skillet with gooey brownie cubes topped with ice cream, chocolate and caramel sauce – crunchy and decadent, you have to try this Sizzling hot dessert.

If that’s not enough to delight your appetite, the cheesecake and tiramisu at our casual dining restaurant in Riyadh is a must-try too. Our chefs have perfected these popular puddings, and we know you’ll love them just as much as we do. Last but not least is Sizzler’s Rock n’ Roll Ice Cream: an amalgamation of praline ice cream, nuts, crushed Oreo biscuits, chocolate sauce and caramel drizzle – the ultimate dessert, it’s perfect for the kids and you too!

From desserts to drinks, Sizzler’s cocktails are a popular and favorite attraction on our menu. Made with the freshest and fruitiest ingredients, you’re spoilt for choice. On a hot Saudi day, nothing quenches the thirst more than ice-cold cocktail and we’ve got the best beverages in Riyadh! From classic to contemporary, our bartenders have concocted a beautiful blend of signature drinks to complement every dish on Sizzler’s family-friendly menu.

If you enjoy margaritas, you’ll love ours – choose the Mango Margarita, strawberry flavor or opt for the classic instead. For mint lovers, our mojitos are just as moreish. Packed with zesty lime and fresh mint, choose the blue or raspberry (both are a hit). Strawberry is not short at Sizzler when it comes to cocktails: Strawberry Colada or Strawberry Daiquiri – what will it be?

Drinks that pack a punch, Sizzler’s designer cocktails are just as delicious! Choose between Café de Crème (a mix of vanilla ice cream and coffee blend with chocolate syrup); Bona Banana (strawberry and milk mixed with chocolate, almond, fresh banana and ice cream); Oreo Delight (a combination of vanilla ice cream with crushed Oreo cookies, chocolate syrup and milk); Sizzler Sunrise (freshly-squeezed orange and pineapple juice mixed with passion fruit, 7Up and grenadine syrup); and other fabulously fruity concoctions including Mango Marine, Peach Nectar, Hawaiian Punch, Passion Kiwi and Strawberry Delight…

Whether you’re quenching your thirst or satisfying your sweet tooth, Sizzler’s choice of delectable drinks and desserts are the best way to start or cap off your Sizzler House meal. Find your closest restaurant in Riyadh now.

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